In my office, there is a giant whiteboard. I do love everything digital, trust me. I am currently sitting near my laptop, my iPhone, my iPad, and the Steve Jobs biography (fitting, right?). I read articles and books on my iPad when I can, I take notes and organize on OneNote, my life is run by Google Calendar…yet, nothing beats writing on a good old-fashioned whiteboard. Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but that Expo marker smell gets my brain working. As I’ve been reading, I’ve been jotting down things on my board like so:Image

(Yes, I move right to left on the board, for no apparent reason. Don’t judge.) This morning, I just sat and stared at it for a while and then started to talk out loud to myself about what was up there and how it related to my “too-much-data-not-enough-focus” problem. Then my random talking started to make sense. Then Anne-Lise called and I talked about it with her. I talked about the whiteboard, about things that Bruce said in our phone call, and then… things didn’t sound so overwhelming anymore. In fact, it started to sound like something important was coming out of that whiteboard mess. I then turned to my digital notes and my digital calendar and started to make a plan. A do-able plan.

I need to do some more talking to myself to figure this out, but I think I might have a way to focus my data issues. And I owe it all to the whiteboard and the Expo marker smell. There are some things that Apple products can’t replicate.

The best part about talking to myself, or even talking on the phone, is that my cat Milhouse thinks I’m talking to him. So, he ends up getting in my lap, meowing, generally trying to get in on the “conversation”. Once I’m no longer talking, he goes back to his usual spot in my office:


So, I guess i’m not completely talking to myself…