This week in my writing methods course, I introduced my pre-service teachers to the idea of writing about a “Slice of Life.” Many blogs do “Slice of Life” challenges in March, and I used the Two Writing Teachers blog for examples of slices. During our weekly independent writing time this Monday, I had them all write “Slices.” I was reading through them today and my goodness, they really understood this genre. I was really into all of their pieces–some of them made me laugh out loud. They have such unique voices! I want to ask them if I can post some to this blog; hopefully they agree. Many of them are too good to share.

Independent writing time in a methods course is going well. I was nervous that they would think it is lame or that they wouldn’t see the point of it. A student today said she was really enjoying my class because of the independent writing time– she called it “peaceful.” The only “complaint” I have received so far is that one girl wrote that she didn’t enjoy the Madonna song I was playing during writing time. I think it’s going well, which makes me feel good since this is the first time I have taught a “writing” methods course as opposed to a “language arts” methods course.

In my own writing world, I finally submitted that lingering piece yesterday and it felt very good to get it off my plate. I just needed to sit down and devote a couple hours to it and finish it up, but I was struggling to make myself do it. I finally buckled down on Tuesday and it felt great to send it off. I have another journal article now that is in the polishing stage and then I can send that one off too– hopefully this week. My collaborative proposal pieces are starting to take shape as well.

This was a good writing week! Let’s hope I can keep it going!