My goals for January writing and #nerdlution were very ambitious, I know. I actually made pretty good progress. But then I decided to get to one particular journal article and I got stuck.

I often get into these writing ruts–I’ll work on a piece for a long time and get excited about it, then get to a place where I am out of ideas. I put it away with the intention of getting back to it sooner than later, but it always ends up being later. Now, here I am, knowing that I need to pick it up again and I am dreading it. I am dreading it mostly because I still don’t have any ideas about how to fix it. I know that the best way to write myself out of a hard place is to just write, but my brain is pushing back on this. How much do I listen to my head, and when do I push through?

Here are my writing goals for February:

1. Finish that lingering piece. It’s about economics instruction in the elementary grades and using the inquiry arc/approach to do this. I am stuck, but my first Feb goal is to get unstuck.

2. Finish that civic engagement piece from January. This one should be easier to write, since I have already written chunks of it and outlined the order for these chunks. Now I just need to put them in place and polish them up.

3. CUFA proposals. The annual conference for NCSS is in Boston this fall, and I have three ideas for proposals for CUFA, the research part of the conference. I am excited because these pieces are collaborations and I love writing with other people. However, these can sometimes take longer because they involve talking with other people, and usually I conceptualize writing in the car or the shower–hardly the best places for collaboration.

I’m keeping my goals to three this month (but really #3 is 3 pieces in and of itself, but whatever). Let’s hope I get out of my rut and get back in the groove.