I am beginning to prepare for one of my upcoming presentations, and my advisor suggested that I start t write up my “findings.”  The One Hen unit at Lanley Elementary (Found a pseudonym! Bonus nerd points if anyone knows who “Lanley” is) is not even close to being over, but I do already have some ideas of what I want to write about and Anne-Lise suggested that I write these up as initial findings so that I have something to talk about at this presentation and any future job interviews beyond just what my study IS. SO, I set out to do that this week and I learned a few lessons:

1. This is going to take a long time to do. I knew that I need to study all of the work I have collected as well as all of the memos I have been writing in great detail, but even doing just a surface level look at these things took a while.

2. I have a lot to write about. This is good! And I think I will have even more to write about, but again this will take more time.

3. My defense could be as close as 6 months away, and I have a lot to do.

All of these lessons center around time. I need time. I need to stop collecting data soon and start writing. I made a goal for myself to end my regular time at Lanley on Nov 30. This gives me Dec, Jan, Feb, March, & April to write– 5 months. Maybe 4 if I decide I want to push myself. I need more time.

This week, to attempt to solve this issue, I applied for the Dissertation Completion Fellowship at MSU’s Graduate School. This fellowship would allow me to only teach 1 class at MSU next semester instead of 2. The class I would be left teaching only meets 10 times, so that would cut down on my prep time and driving time during the crucial writing months of Feb & Mar. The DCF would also pay me more money than I would have made teaching that extra class to make up for it, so that would be very nice.  I also am applying this week for the Graduate Research Enhancement Award, which is for a smaller amount of money to reimburse me for all of the Borax and beads I bought last week and to pay someone to transcribe my interviews for me.  That is another detail outlined in Lesson #1 above that I would love to pass off to someone else. Both awards would help significantly, so we’ll see what happens. I should know by the end of the semester on both.

Next week, I head to Seattle to present these initial findings. More to come about this fun trip…