The last time I posted on this blog was right after my dissertation defense. It should be no surprise that after that, I went on a bit of a writing hiatus. I finished my dissertation revisions, revised another journal article that had an Aug 30 deadline, and then… that’s it.

The last few months have been full of life changes. I sold my favorite house in West Michigan and moved across the state to the Detroit-area, leaving friends and family behind. I started a new job as an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan-Flint. I am teaching new classes to new students and a new place in a new city. It was a lot of sensory overload and my writing fell by the wayside.

Now that my first semester is wrapping up and we’re facing a new year, I am starting to get into the groove of my new life and back into writing. This blog has a new focus–it’s going to be about all of my writing projects as opposed to just the big dissertation one. I still am going to blog about my writing process, but hopefully it’ll be more comprehensive that my dissertation musings. “The” year of writing becomes “A” year of writing, as I’m going to check in with yearly writing goals here too.

I am getting settled in. Time to grab a (metaphorical) pen.